• Wish List

Our vision is to connect the contributors and beneficiaries through our CSR programme to create values in people's lives.

How it works?

  1. Beneficiaries will list down their required items and VIHETHI will forward the list into the WISH LIST column. Contributors can choose to contribute in accordance to the WISH LIST.
  2. We do not collect cash or cheque from our contributors. However, contributors can deal directly with the beneficiaries and get official receipts from them.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

  1. Following categories are:
    • Underprivileged children's homes
    • Old folk homes
  1. For those who are currently looking for these items such as food & beverages, books & magazines, toiletries, clothes, electrical appliances, furniture & motivational talks.

    Note: Contributed items are strictly for the usage of underprivileged children or residence of old folk homes only.

Who are the Contributors?

  1. Our clients or companies who have sent their employees to attend our public programmes or have engaged us to conduct in-house trainings or consulting projects.
  2. Our participants who have attended our public programmes or in-house trainings who wish to be part of this initiative.
  3. As a Contributor, upon contributing to the Beneficiaries’ needs, you are entitled for a 10% discount from the normal price of our public programmes which is valid for a year from the date of contribution.
  4. Terms & Conditions:
    • Sponsors could hand over their contributions directly to the beneficiaries.
    • Items given should be in good and usable condition.
    • Expired stocks or stocks that are expiring in three (3) months’ time will not be accepted.